We have the appropriate mining pool for every!

We are constantly expanding the functionality, so do not miss any news from us.

As a member of BitClub Network, you have the opportunity to participate in our mining pools, which allow you to mine bitcoins and other coins daily.


If you buy shares in one of our mining pools, you will receive daily payouts during the term of the contract.

Each time you earn bitcoins daily, a percentage will be sent to your wallet and another percentage will be reserved to automatically buy back those new shares.





















All shares pay out during 1000 days! 



Du kannst jetzt Anteile am GPU Mining Pool erwerben!








Our Mining Plans

And this is how to buy some mining Parts


You can select the chosen plan and register on the homepage. Then you have to select the tab of the currency you want to pay with. Copy the address from the invoice page and paste it together with the total invoice amount.


After confirmation, the invoice is marked as "Paid" and the mining time begins.


You can use any wallet to buy bitcoins and get them later. Popular platforms are for example Bitpanda or then Binance. If you have any further questions, please contact us via email

With this package you can immediately receive commissions from ALL Bitcoin Mining Pools and GPU Mining Pools.


You can also buy anytime 5 individual shares for every $ 1,000 and become a Founder.


Each GPU share is valid for 1000 days of mining.

There are NO buybacks for this pool, so you earn 100% of all your GPU-paid coins.


When you buy a share, you have full control over your GPU machine and which coins you want to mine daily.