The Bitclub Pool was founded in October 2014 as a one-off event. We laid the foundation stone with our miners at that time, so that today we operate a huge mining farm and we are still growing.

At the moment you can enter our mining farm with a steadily growing pool share. The Bitclub mining pool is consistently among the top 10 in the world and we continually provide incentives and new features to take advantage of everything. We are here to help you with the recovery and profitability. Interested? Then sign up today.

Bitcoin wallets:

So you can buy bitcoins and get them later, you need a wallet. Our preferred platforms are: Bitpanda or Binance

The most important things and info's

Mining pools:

Maybe you do not want to buy the mega package right away. That's why we have built different pools that can be chosen according to your needs, and you can start mining.

A real Bitcoin opportunity:

With BitClub Network, you have the opportunity to earn Bitcoins daily through our strategic mining operation. We have network marketing linked to the digital currency to give you a unique opportunity.

You can make daily profits without ever having to sponsor anyone... but if you invite new users aswell, your bitcoin team mining pool will increase and receive more bitcoins. You get daily profits from all the Bitcoins earned by your team.

Do not wait ... "Join now!"

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